The Label A-stereo-id (LC 14800) was founded in Nov. 2005 by singer/songwriters/producers of mtst-entertainment Markus Klenk and Severin Hardy

Markus Klenk ,also known in Germany as artist Mark the Shark since the release of his debut Album Voiture 94 in the early 90's. But his roots reach back to the rock culture of the mid/late 70's, Punk/NewWave/Deutsche Welle(NDW) in the early 80's and the designer Rock/Pop sound of the 80's.

Severin Hardy first made a name for himself winning the DJ Bobo show contest on RTL - Television in 1998.He originated from a Gospel background and identifies himself mostly with the Motown songs of the late 1950's to mid 1970's.

The Label was found with the ambition to release their own productions and to have a platform to realize ideas and visions with other artists.


---1.Release : Digital River - Ink more info

---2.Release : Talents of Future - Vol.1     

---3.Release : Ceylan Berisha - I am me (Don't you trip on me) / Your smile

---4.Release : Severin - Dancing Girl See it on youtube

---5.Release : Ceylan Berisha - Star

---6.Release : Severin - Depends on how you look at it.... more info

---7.Release : Chakan - Selamolsun more info

---8.Release : Severin - Right Here (Loose Minds Remix) more info

---9.Release : Mario Venezia - Feel the Music more info

-10.Release : Joan Maria Ciolacu - Sharaban Ensemble more info

-11.Release : Digital River - Fire and Ice more info

-12.Release : Mario Venezia - Forgive me more info

-13.Release : Severin - Stay/Someday (Carnival Remix) more info

-14.Release : Andrea Tafuro - Giulia more info

-15.Release : Severin feat. Nicki Daniels - In control more info

-16.Release : Mario Venezia - Forgive me (freestyle mix) more info

-17.Release : Zettt - January EP more info

-18.Release : Lil Missy - If I could make a wish more info

-19.Release : Toniac - Wildest Dreams more info

-20.Release : Severin - Everytime more info

-21.Release : T.a.f.u.r.o. - Giulia (Italo freestyle mix) more info

-22.Release : Tony D. light - From Tears to Joy more info

-23.Release : Severin - When The King Is Crying more info

-24.Release : Shineaz - Right At The Club (don`t stop) more info

-25.Release : Toniac - This Love Is For You more info

-26.Release : Mario Venezia - Feel The Music (freestylemix) more info

-27.Release : Severin - Miami Shorty more info

-28.Release : Zero Plus - Dream Away more info

-29.Release : Nicht Nur Rosa - Du Weisst Es Nicht // Diese Welt

-30.Release : Tony D.light - Ewa Na Beans more info

-31.Release : Orits Williki - Faya Burn more info

-32.Release : Orits Williki - Lift Him Up Higher... more info

-33.Release : Andrea Tafuro - A Te Napolitane more info

-34.Release : Ximena - In My Dreams EP more info

-35.Release : Richie Santiago - Black Rose Of Love EP more info

-36.Release : Shineaz - Freestyle Planet more info

-37.Release : Severin - Dancing Girl (Border Mix) more info

-38.Release : Líl Missy - Tricky Number more info

-39.Release : Dolicia Paris - Time more info

-40.Release : Dolicia Paris - Shadow Man more info

-41.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Yapamam more info

-42.Release : Dolicia Paris Vs. Michael Cores - Time (electro house mix) more info

-43.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Grenzfall (was du erwartest) more info

-44.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Bu Oyun Benim more info

-45.Release : Tony D.light - Rock With Me more info

-46.Release : Joona - Too Cool For My World more info

-47.Release : Severin - The Sound Of My Voice more info

-48.Release : Shineaz - It`s Gonna Be A Party more info

-49.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Yemin Ettim more info

-50.Release : Finn Vesta - Holiday Girl (acc. version) more info

-51.Release : Severin - Walk Away (acc. version) more info

-52.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Bu Gece more info

-53.Release : Die Integrierten - Sommer Sonne Liebemore info

-54.Release : Tony D.light feat. Pasto Goody Goody - Come more info

-55.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Deine Liebe more info

-56.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Unity more info

-57.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Catch You more info

-58.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Haberin Yokmu more info

-59.Release : Stadtmeister 23 - Und jetzt die Welle more info

-60.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Vatan more info

-61.Release : Vikings - Across the Great Wide Sea more info

-62.Release : Vikings - Welcome Home more info

-63.Release : In The Mocking Starlight - I Can't Stop Trying more info

-64.Release : Vikings - Endless Pain more info

-65.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Cold Water more info

-66.Release : Trans Fidelity - Duhul Te Cuprinde more info

-67.Release : In The Mocking Starlight - The Ghost of Xmas more info

-68.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Haven't You Heard more info

-69.Release : Andrea Tafuro - La Mia Vita more info

-70.Release : Vikings - Apertise for Hate more info

-71.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Sen more info

-72.Release : Joona - Ways more info

-73.Release : Severin Hardy - Way You Walk more info

-74.Release : Ufuk Gacipa & Severin Hardy - This Is The Time more info

-75.Release : Stadtmeister 23 - Fussballfieber more info

-76.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Bridge To The World more info

-77.Release : Vikings - Broken Wings more info

-78.Release : In The Mocking Starlight - We're On Fire more info

-79.Release : Reggae Don - Good Morning more info

-80.Release : Severin Hardy - Subway - The Musical (original score) more info

-81.Release : Stadtmeister 23 - Die beste Liga der Welt more info

-82.Release : Ufuk Gacipa - Bridge To The World more info

-83.Release : Mario Venezia - Amore more info

-84.Release : Lila Grace & Dj Nikola Dee - Wherever You Go more info

-85.Release : Nikola Dee feat. Sanya - "C' est La Vie more info

-86.Release : Nikola Dee feat. Bobi Serafimovski - Sunset Passion more info

-87.Release : Nikola Dee - Night Passions more info

-88.Release: Stadtmeister 23 feat. Angelie Paris - Allez Allez more info

-89.Release: Reggae Don - Oh No No No more info

-90.Release: Culture Fox feat. Reggae Don - Save The World more info

-91.Release: Reggae Don - Leila more info

-92.Release: Mario Venezia - Ganz Egal Was Auch Passiert more info

-93.Release: Nikola Dee feat. Lila Grace - Night Passions (Vocal Edit) more info

-94.Release: Reggae Don - Un Beso Mas more info

-95.Release: Stan Orchestra - The Valley more info

-96.Release: Stan Orchestra - 2 Havanna more info

-97.Release: Stan Orchestra - Soleil more info

-98.Release: Sabato - Io E Lei more info

-99.Release: Morgengold - Bei Dir more info

100.Release: M.Chakan - Haze, Space and the Flashback more info

101.Release: Reggae Don - Good more info

102.Release: In The Mocking Starlight - A Short Royal Break more info

103.Release: M. Chakan - Haze and the G-Fonk more info

104.Release: Sabato - Figli more info

105.Release: Stadtmeister 23 - Football Can Be Brutal more info

106.Release: Vikings - Far Beyond My Dream more info

107.Release: Reggae Don - The Reggae Don LP more info

108.Release: Morgengold - Wenn Ich Könnte more info

109.Release: Mario Venezia - Alles was ich hab more info

110.Release: M. Chakan - WinterminzeEnerG-Fonk more info

111.Release: Morgengold - Spiegelbild more info

112.Release: Sabato - Ischia more info

113.Release: Stadtmeister 23 - Souverän more info

114.Release: Morgengold - Helle Nacht more info

115.Release: Reggae Don - Toda La Vida more info

116.Release: Zuccherino - Io E Te more info

117.Release: Sabato - Si Putess more info

118.Release: M. Chakan - Herbsttraubentraum more info

119.Release: Bistro 809 - Riley's Theme more info

120.Release: Pete Eisen - Time's Running more info

121.Release: Reggae Don - Bebida more info

122.Release: M. Chakan - Dunkle Gassen more info

123.Release: Zuccherino - Reggaeton D'Amore more info

124.Release: Morgengold - Helle Nacht (Lockdown remix) more info

125.Release: Morgengold - Zauberspruch more info

126.Release: Iman - I Can't Relax more info

127.Release: Ufuk Gacipa - Dancing in the Moonlight more info

128.Release: Tiziana Bartoluccio - Amore more info

129.Release: Zuccherino - Sotto le Stelle more info

130.Release: Sabato - Frieden more info

131.Release: Lila Grace - Enough is Enough more info

132.Release: Flexable - Fortune more info

133.Release: Flexable - The Escape more info

134.Release: Flexable - The Mask more info

135.Release: Tiziana Bartoluccio - Atme ein more info

136.Release: Reggae Don - Another Man more info

137.Release: Ufuk Gacipa - She wants to dance more info

138.Release: Reggae Don - Bocadillo more info

139.Release: Zuccherino -Io e te (Remix 1997) more info

140.Release: Alejandro Hilton - Apartments for Rent more info

141.Release: Ufuk Gacipa - Come into my Life more info

142.Release: Zuccherino - Sei Tu more info

143.Release: Graf Zuccherino - Unter den Sternen more info


upcoming releases: : Severin Hardy, Finn Vesta , Morgengold, Hilton, M. Chakan,
Sabato, Dj Abnami, Reggae Don , Ufuk Gacipa, Mario Venezia, Zuccherino, a.o.

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